Like in most walks of life, being a womxn in the music industry is hard at times. I talked about this a bit in a post I did on Music, Drums and Me six months ago called, “My Love/Hate Relationship With The Music Industry“. It is a post which I wrote in the heat of the moment after Reading & Leeds Festival revealed their male dominated line-up for 2021.

If you’re a woman in the industry then you are usually in the minority, it doesn’t matter what sector of the music industry you are in, I have had experiences in different areas and I’ve always noticed the lack of female representation.

Why did I decide to write this post? I needed a rant.

The other day in a lecture we were reading a paper and discussing it, a topic in the paper was how women are denigrated for liking boybands which, if you think about it, is very true. Or as my sister said to me after, women are criticised for liking most things, but that is a subject for another day.

The discussion took a bad turn when a couple of the guys in my group were trying to argue why this isn’t the case and were basically saying what women actually think when they themselves are male. A lot of mansplaining essentially.

When one of my female classmates tried to speak up about it, she was talked over.

In the end, I piped up that she had something to say and people listened but it was an incredibly cringe-y and disheartening discussion.

I should probably add that being a woman on my course, you are very much in the minority with only three girls in a cohort of thirty. So only 10% of my year is female and most of the time, I don’t even think about it but it is times like this that it becomes glaringly obvious.

Realistically I know that whatever area I decide to go into in the future, I am more likely going to have male colleagues than female ones. It is something which I have learnt to accept and if they are good at their jobs it doesn’t really matter, but I think too many guys don’t understand why being a woman in this industry is tough, and that is part of the problem.

I talk about it more in the blog post I referred to earlier but I just needed to express some of the annoyance I have been feeling since that lecture.

One thing I will add, as soon as we revealed our vexation, we received a good response from most of the class. They are good people. I think many of them were surprised by our upset which just adds to my point about lack of understanding from our male counterparts.

I have grown up around some powerful women and it really wasn’t until I started working that I realised how even today misogyny is rife everywhere. It shocked me to begin with but now it doesn’t which is a big problem.

My hope is, the more time that passes the more progress will be made surrounding these issues but we need to improve. If you are a womxn reading this, then try and speak up when you are faced with prejudice and if you’re a man then please help us fight it. Together we can do better.

Give a read of my post from last year if you want:

Thanks for reading my rant.

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